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Maintenance and Repairs of Medical Devices

Our team is made up of technicians, technologists and engineers who work exclusively in the health sector. With their recognized expertise, firm grasp of clinical issues and thorough understanding of the need for useful and effective technologies, they can support your clinical activities by ensuring the best quality care for your equipment inventory.

Depending on your specific clinical context, our team is available upon request or according to the terms of our different programs, which are tailored to your requirements and can include preventive maintenance as well as repairs.

Our technical team has the necessary training to service a wide range of medical, care and diagnostic equipment, including:

  • Examination and operating room lights;
  • Examination tables and chairs;
  • Otoscopes and ophthalmoscopes;
  • Sterilizers and autoclaves;
  • Defibrillators;
  • Medical and personal scales;
  • Centrifuges (benchtop, laboratory, refrigerated);
  • Displacement pumps and syringe pumps;
  • Physiological monitors, sphygmomanometers, pulse oximeters, etc.;
  • ECG machines and Holter monitors;
  • Incubators and radiant warmers;
  • Various surgical devices (lasers, electrosurgical pencils, etc.) and others.

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An unexpected breakdown in an essential piece of medical equipment used for diagnosing or treating patients is always cause for concern and can have serious consequences. Carefully planned preventive maintenance can eliminate the repercussions of unscheduled equipment failure.

Moreover, certain certification organizations, such as Accreditation Canada, now require that you have a preventive maintenance program in place that covers all your medical and care equipment.

That said, it is important not to go to the opposite extreme and perform unnecessary preventive maintenance that will prevent neither a breakdown nor a faulty diagnosis. A good maintenance program will list all the equipment requiring scheduled maintenance and the reasons why other pieces are exempt.

Our team can perform preventive maintenance according to manufacturers’ standards and norms on a wide range of health care equipment. We can also help you develop a preventive maintenance program.


A piece of equipment that is out of order or not working correctly can have a significant impact on your client services. In this case, is it imperative to quickly perform a high quality corrective maintenance to return the equipment to proper working order.

While it is often more practical to effect repairs in one of our workshops, in many instances, if it is more convenient, we can come to you.