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Quality Promise


At Hælys, quality management does not stop with providing top-of-the line service; WE as a whole, our employees, our service providers and suppliers, are COMMITTED to perform our service according to an established international standard and to ensure that the results of the services rendered are in accordance with the expectations and needs of our customer base.

A national player in the field of management, maintenance and repair of medical equipment, Haelys announces that it has obtained ISO 9001: 2015 certification in Canada.

We are all very proud of it !


Haelys received an external audit by AQL, which is one of the leading ANAB accredited registrars for ISO certifications. Audits of external support are planned each year, but we consider that we have the duty to validate our methods to insure full satisfaction from our customers.

Our approach is based upon structured practices:

  • Documentation confirming our understanding of the needs and expectations before the work is carried out on the equipment.
  • Feedback from our clients to determine their level of satisfaction with the services received and opportunities for improvement.
  • The implementation of a continuous training program and a periodic review of our team's skills development.
  • A continuous review of our procedures to validate their efficiency in meeting our customer’s needs.


« The ISO 9001:2015 certification is an assurance of quality and our employees play a major part in customer satisfaction, guaranteed by our Quality Management System.


Denis Derome, Président